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Jordan and Dustin Sorrell

Our 3 year old daughter Kate has had a tough couple of years and especially the past couple of months. Kate was sick and missed a month of school. She was on a 3 week antibiotic which ended Saturday. Last week she was diagnosed with 22Q11.2 Distal Deletion Syndrome. This diagnosis has a frequency of heart problems, kidney problems and immune deficiency. The past few days she has become sick again, spiked a fever of 104.3. She was taken to Childrens where they tested her for multiple things - all of which came back negative. However, they did test her for Coronavirus too. Currently, Kate is with her grandparents because we thought we had been exposed to the virus last week and wanted to keep her safe. However, now that she is with her grandparents we are unable to be with her except via FaceTime during this current illness and depending on the outcome of the virus test we may have exposed Kate's grandparents. Please pray for all of our health and for us to be back together again soon.

Received: March 24, 2020

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