I prayed for this

Prayed for 12 times.

Samantha Westling

The devil it’s working overtime on our family. We need many prayers!

-Two of my Aunt's are battling cancer.

-My Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is undergoing surgery next Thursday April, 22nd.

-My mom went through emergency eye surgery three weeks ago do to what they thought was an infection. She woke up one day nearly blind. She has regained some sight but it is worsening again this week. She is undergoing a medical work up.

-My childhood friend who we consider family had a baby on Monday and within 12 hours of deliver their newborn was diagnosed with a rare neonatal leukemia and transferred for immediate chemotherapy treatment at two days of life.

Here is Matt and Kate’s story: Matt and Kate Hare have faced down the adversity of several lifetimes in the past 10 years. When Matt was just 25 he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer that typically affects people in their 70s. After months at the Cleveland Clinic which included going in and out of the ICU, chemotherapy, total kidney and liver failure and twice-daily dialysis, Matt was fortunate to receive the bone marrow transplant he desperately needed to save his life and move into remission. All the while Kate stood with him as his source of love and strength and ultimately the two were married and have grown a life together in Columbus, Ohio. Even still their incredible bond helped them conquer the heartbreaking obstacles of infertility as they welcomed their beautiful daughter Campbell and a brand new baby boy into the world.

Now, Matt and Kate find themselves in the throes of another battle beyond compare. On Monday April 12th their son Callahan Murphy was born 11 days early. Callahan’s delivery was rough and led to an injury that required immediate NICU attention. While in the NICU, blood work was done that returned concerning high white blood cell counts which required his transfer to Nationwide Children’s just hours after birth for additional testing with Hematology/Oncology.

By Tuesday afternoon Matt and Kate received the devastating news that Callahan was born with an incredibly rare leukemia that needs immediate intensive treatment and chemotherapy.

While this news is almost too much to bear, Matt and Kate are hopeful. Thankfully, Callahan’s treatment plan is already underway – just 48 hours after birth – and he is in the hands of some of the most incredible doctors and healthcare providers.

Our hearts are heavy! We know our God is bigger than all these diagnoses and issues taking place. We are praying for miracles and we ask that our church family would please join us.

Received: April 17, 2021

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